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Welcome to Shenzhen Sui-Yi Touch Computer Co.,Ltd.
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Contact us

Contact person: Sammy Chen  
Email: sammy_chen@sxtouch.com
Mobile: +8613530801646
Skype: SammyChen@SZ 
WeChat: 13530801646

Add: 12F, 2nd TianYou Industrial Park, 28th Xin Tang Rd, FuYong Town, Bao‘an District, Shenzhen

China International SmatrVision Expo(ISVE)

Time:2019-11-25 Views:1819
2019 shenzhen (international) intelligent display system industrial application expo (ISVE intelligent display exhibition for short)
Date: December 4-6, 2019
Address: shenzhen convention and exhibition center
Booth no. : 8T009

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